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Jhordynn is the owner and founder of Made 4 This, LLC. She is a ghostwriter, editor, and publisher. Jhordynn is a Christian, wife, and mother to the adorable brand ambassador Bella. Jhordynn is from Louisiana and dually resides in Louisiana and Georgia. Jhordynn can be reached at 318-406-2249,, Jhordynn on FB, authorjhordynn on Tik Tok, and jhordynn_writes on IG.




Bella is the brand's ambassador and marketer. She is Jhordynn's daughter and everyone's favorite little person. Be sure to use her discount code Bella16 when ordering from to receive 10% off everything. Bella is from Louisiana and dually resides in Louisiana and Georgia.




KaVoun Sneed is Jhordynn's assistant and typist. If you have anything that needs to be typed, he is your guy. KaVoun is from Louisiana and resides in Georgia. He is an avid dog lover.




T. Denise Black is an editor from Michigan. She is a Christian, wife, and mother. She got her start in editing by being a nerdy book worm. She was labeled Grammar Police by her book club because she corrected every error in books, even though no one asked her for the corrections. 




Author Shaniqua Hill is a ghostwriter of paranormal and sci-fi for the company. She has written and published many of her own books outside of Made 4 This Publishing. She is from Tennessee, resides in TX, and is a lover of cats. 




Reneshia Baugh is an artist from Louisiana who resides in TX. She designed many of the company's logos. She also is the company's clothing designer. Mrs. Baugh is a wife and mother who places nothing before her family. 




Remoh Lee is the company's EVERYTHING. He promotes, plans events, coordinates, etc. He is also the company's Controller. He is from Louisiana and resides in Texas. With a strong passion for law and politics, Mr. Lee will soon be gracing Congressional seats.