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To the Black husband who is finding out that your White wife wanted the Black penis, but not the Black fight.

To the Black Christian who is torn between trusting God and going to war.

To the Black janitor who has to hear, "All cops aren't bad" while no one is shouting, "All Black men aren't threats."

To the Black gay person having to decide which inequality you are going to fight against today.

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Dear Black Men, Answer Your Phones

Dear Black Men, please answer your phones.

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30 Days of 30

When I was 27, I promised myself that I wouldn't enter into my 30s with hatred in my heart towards anyone. I also promised myself that before I entered 30, I would forgive EVERYONE who's ever hurt me, made me feel less than, discouraged me, broke me, laughed at me, rooted against me, etc, even if they never apologized. I soon discovered that erasing hatred from my heart wasn't possible because I hated myself. Forgiving others wasn't possible because I didn't forgive myself. People could easily hurt me because I didn't love myself. Day in and day out I carried...

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I Give my Daughter Permission to Love Herself

It’s 10pm, I’m sitting on the floor, and my five week old daughter is sitting in her Boppy in front of me, watching me pump breast milk. I’m silently praying that she goes to sleep soon because I’m hungry, and to keep from eating and gaining weight, I want to go to sleep. But no. She’s just watching me. I then realize that she’s been watching me a lot lately. When I cook, she watches me. When I pick up stuff around the house, she watches me. When I watch her, she watches me. She watches every little thing that...

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Tired of Being Tired of Being Black

I’ve been a black resident of the south my entire life. Translated: I have learned how to be okay with being discriminated against. I wear all white to work, my badge says RN, and my white patients still ask me if I’m the housekeeper. I smile, tell them no, point to my badge, and reintroduce myself as Rita, their nurse. My name is Charita, and they are never satisfied with me calling myself Rita. But I never hear them complain about Rebecca who goes by Becky or Elizabeth who goes by Lizzy. My white patients always want to know my...

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