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DONE BY DESIRES by Dionne B.- (a cook book)

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Done by Desires! What’s behind the name? Every time I step foot in a kitchen, I cook with the intent of people taking a great delight or a desire in my style of cooking. With much confidence in my cooking, when I am done, the quest I so desire is done! Hence came forth the name Done! by Desires because your desire is my pleasure.

To appreciate food, you have to know what it is all about. As a southern girl growing up in Louisiana, I learned to start cooking at the age of 5. I still have the burn marks from the boiling water that scalded the heck out of my 5-year-old skin. I still remember the hog head my grandpa threw up on the counter to turn into the best hog head cheese ever. Oh! Let me not forget about Granny frying up the best chicken in Crisco in the black skillet, or my mama Dorothy who had the best Chayote, or what we called militon, dressing in the south. Oh, but my mom’s peach cobbler with the perfect crust and the right amount of sweet buttery peach liquor. Do you see where I’m going with this? These are all fine memories; the beginnings of my food journey.
My dishes come from experiences. You can’t have a good dish if you do not have a story behind it. Of course, all of the recipes in this book have a little story about them.

Let's start with the Gumbeaux! It took me some years to really get the perfect pot of gumbo. My first pot of gumbo was made with my uncle. He taught me about the roux. The darker the roux, the deeper the flavor. You would preferably want a dark roux, like the color of dark chocolate. It takes practice to make a roux this color without burning it, and a lot of patience!
Here in Louisiana, we have a lot of Cajun in us. That’s why I put the -eaux (pronounced like the letter O) on gumbeaux.

Ever eaten leftover grits the next morning? Once they cool, you can cut them with a knife and fry them in bacon grease in the skillet for a new meal. The Fried Grit Cakes recipe is deep fried grits with a good spice. It can be eaten alone or as the base to the Creole Mustard Shrimp Sauce or the shrimp sauce from the Shrimp & Grits recipe.

As I get into my signature recipe for the Crawfish Boil Soup, you must understand that crawfish, or what some of us folks may call mudbugs, are to Louisiana what gravy is to rice. And we love our crawfish boils with all the fixins, Sha (Darling). The Crawfish Boil Soup gives you the taste of everything found at the crawfish boil, but in one big pot. Good eating is the desire of one’s heart, and that is the purpose of this cookbook.

There are multiple drinks in this book that are signature drinks made to heighten the flavors of the dishes they are paired with. My drinks are just as southern as my soul. This cookbook is for those who share my Louisiana heritage, ones who like a gourmet twist on a classic dish, and for the ones who find a joy in entertaining guests and would like to show off a little in the kitchen. My desire has always been to see happy plates after I have been in the kitchen. And then, I’m Done!





It's not my Fault my Father has no Sons by Sharelyn Huddleston-(Christian adult fiction novel)

It's not my Fault my Father has no Sons - Kindle edition by Huddleston, Sharelyn, Jhordynn. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

There are seven Roosevelt sisters, and they all have been trained to carry out each of their roles in and out of their father’s company. You see, their dad Mr. Roosevelt never had any sons, so he poured his heart and soul into his daughters. He instilled into his girls the value of hard work, leadership, and authority.

The Roosevelt sisters are strong and have more virility than most females. They know who they are and what they want. Whenever the three older sisters walk into a room, the atmosphere changes. They are the CEOs of an all-male real estate developing company that their father started before any of them were born. Sometimes, the men have a problem receiving and listening to them. Some of the male employees are intimidated by their power.

Sometimes, these ladies do not use techniques that the average woman uses. They are sharp around the edges because they are always having to fight for their spots and prove themselves in a male dominated field. Their femininity is always in question due to their rough hands, hair that is always in a ponytail under a hard hat, getting home late every night, and barely any time to play or date.

These women are beautiful and would love to get dolled up; they pray to get home before sunset. But it rarely happens because they have to keep the business afloat. This is not the dream job, but somebody has to do it. It's not their fault their father has no sons.





I've Never Seen a Broke Millionaire: Motivation for the Soul by Brutus Pouncy- (an inspirational book)

I’ve Never Seen A Broke Millionaire: Motivation for the soul - Kindle edition by Pouncy, Brutus. Children Kindle eBooks @

God has given everyone the potential to become a millionaire. When we discover our gifts, talents, and abilities, we discover our wealthy places.





MY PAIN, GOD'S PURPOSE, HIS PLAN by Tiswanna L. Spencer- (a memoir)

MY PAIN, GOD'S PURPOSE, HIS PLAN - Kindle edition by SPENCER, TISWANNA L., JHORDYNN. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

De'Andre Cortez Brown was a well-known local rapper in Louisiana. He was a great father, an awesome friend, a superb grandson, and incomparable brother. But for Tiswanna L. Spencer, he was her son. Her oldest son and only child for years. Tiswanna and De'Andre had an unbreakable and unshakeable bond...until someone decided to take his life in their own hands.

Tiswanna had to learn how to live, breathe, and be without her oldest son. Something that felt impossible at times, but she did it. By the grace of God, she was not consumed with grief, but filled with power that only God can give. She now uses her voice to help others heal from sorrow, depression, and the death of a loved one. God gave her beauty for ashes, and He turned her mourning into rejoicing. Her test is now her testimony; the mess is now her message.

God took her pieces and gave her peace.






 Designed to be Broken by Q. Sims- (a biography) Designed To Be Broken (Q) eBook: Sims, Q., ., Jhordynn : Kindle Store

Q. Sims has overcome every obstacle thrown her way. From an abused childhood to domestic violence, she has risen above them all. Determined to give her children a better environment than she experienced, Q. stopped at nothing to change her narrative. From battered and abused to educated and victorious, Q. Sims has proven that she was designed to be broken into God's masterpiece.





Come Play With Me! by Charity Grace- (a children's book)

COME PLAY WITH ME! - Kindle edition by Grace, Charity, Jhordynn, Jhordynn. Children Kindle eBooks @

Come Play With Me! is a book that encourages children to play with children who don't look like them. This book teaches children that there are a lot of differences in the world, and they don't have to be afraid of who looks different than them. Most children have one thing in common, no matter how they look: they love to play! Go ahead! Play together! It's okay!





A Guide for a Successful Relationship: Better Together by Demetra Jones Lewis- (inspirational manual for marriages and a workbook)

A Guide for a Successful Relationship: Better Together - Kindle edition by Lewis, Demetra Jones, Jhordynn. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @


During these thirty-four years of marriage, this journey has not been easy. But with the help of God and our love for one another, we decided as we forgave each other, we could do more together than apart.

As a pastor's wife of thirteen years, I have observed couples give up too easily on their relationships. If they would have known that to have a strong relationship they must learn to forgive, communicate, and respect each other's views, they would have weathered the storm.

Because I wanted to see young and old couples stay together, God gave me the grace to start a class for couples and to create this book as a guide to inform and encourage couples to recognize their duties to each other, to seek God first, receive positive advice, look within themselves, and be accountable for their own actions. This book also helps couples understand that they will have struggles, but it is how they deal with them that determines the longevity of their relationship.





What do I do Next? by Myra- (adult fiction novel) What Do I Do Next? (9781734857405): Myra, Jhordynn: Books

Who is Denise Love? She has many lovers, but only one she says. Can this "one love" capture her true identity before it's too late? Or will he be the only one left behind entwined in the loose ends, asking himself, "What do I do next?"





A Secret Love Affair by Chenoa Lata'- (adult fiction novel) A Secret Love Affair Part One Of The Vengeance Of The Heart Series (9781736577318): Lata', Chenoa, Jhordynn: Books

Everyone wants a fairytale relationship until they realize that happily ever after comes after the lies. After the pain. After the betrayal. After the deceit. Kyla believes that her fairytale marriage has it all until she discovers her husband Patrick has given his heart to “her”- the other woman. This jolts Kyla into a whirlwind of emotions that she can’t seem to get under control. Kyla is trying to mend the broken pieces of her heart, but can’t seem to until she reconnects with someone from her past. This someone has a piece of Kyla’s heart that resurfaces and makes her forget about the damage her husband has caused her. Will Kyla get even, making her husband feel all the pain of infidelity he’s caused her? Will that someone be her escape to exhale the love they once shared? Or will Kyla be the faithful, dutiful wife she's always been? Sometimes, the best way to get over someone is by getting underneath someone else… or is it?






Dear Black Nursing Student by LaTonja C. Davis - (self-help/ memoir)

Dear Black Nursing Student: Davis, Latonja C., JHORDYNN: 9781734857498: Books

I wrote this book because my journey of becoming a registered nurse was just that— a journey. As a single parent, I feel other women and men in my position need to understand that sometimes in life you have to fight for what you want. For those who desire to become something more than who they are, please understand that not everyone’s journey to obtaining a college degree is traditional.

If you are persistent and dedicated to your dream, you can achieve it. For some of us, there is no easy way; for some of us, there is no one to pave the way down our path, but you can do it! You may fail a test, you may fail a class, you may fail and be dropped from a program all together, but keep God first, and you will prevail.

After reading this book, I want people to understand that obtaining a college degree is not always a straight forward journey. Graduating from high school and obtaining a bachelor’s degree four years later is not everyone’s blueprint. I want people to think about their goals and understand that they may hit some speed bumps, road blocks, stop signs, and detours, but just like me, you WILL reach your destination! Whether it’s nursing school, CDL school, welding school, med school, cosmetology school, business administrative school, etcetera, it can be done, and you are the one to do it.

May God bless you!




Be Real With God, and He Will be Real to You by Debra Spencer (inspirational thoughts and notes) Be Real With God, and He Will be Real to You: 9781736577301: Spencer, Debra, Black, T. Denise, JHORDYNN: Books

It is my hope that this book of brief messages and poems will inspire you and encourage you to seek God every hour of every day. God and His son are relevant in our everyday life and our day-to-day activities. God is not the average person. He is our Creator. He is not to be casually handled, but praised and worshipped regularly. Prayerfully, these short messages and poems will enhance or maintain your relationship with our Father.





Can't Let Go: The Diary of a Woman who Didn't Leave in Time (short fictional journal) Can't Let Go: The Diary of a Woman Who Didn't Leave in Time: 9781736577370: Nicole, Sharee, JHORDYNN: Books

“Can't let go” are the most famous words women tend to say when they do not want to leave the man they love or desire to be with. But sometimes not being able to let go makes you sweep situations under the rug that need to be exposed for what and who they are. Ignoring the signs becomes a cycle; one we sometimes cannot get out of until it is too late.

Take a journey with LeShae through her diary: the good, the bad, the shocking, the disgusting, the obvious. Learn from her story how not letting go in time can cause more damage than good. Learn from LeShae that having a piece of a man is not better than having no man at all. Learn from LeShae that having a piece of mind is the exact opposite as having a peace of mind.





Anywhere but the Bed by Alise Merwin-Rasberry (a collection of erotic short stories and poems)

Anywhere but the Bed: A Series of Short Stories and Poems: Merwin-Rasberry, Alise, JHORDYNN: 9781736577325: Books

Anywhere but the Bed is a series of poems and short stories that peer into the imagination of author Alise Merwin-Rasberry. The short stories are meant to spark the imagination for you to create your own story; their purpose is to mentally take you back to sensations you had when you were discovering love making. These stories are meant to give you sexual freedom to go where you want to go. The poems are to help you remember the ups and downs of love. This collection shows that sex is to be enjoyed, love making is to be cherished, and eroticism is a place you go.






EXPECTING WITH AN EMPTY WOMB by Mattox Foster O'Bannon (a memoir) 

Expecting With an Empty Womb - Kindle edition by O'Bannon, Mattox Foster, JHORDYNN. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Through much prayer and the Word of God, I learned that my diagnosis of infertility didn't define me; but, I know that many women who struggle with infertility haven't arrived at that realization, yet. That is why I wrote this book-- to help women who are struggling with the same feelings of inadequacy and frustrations I felt. I know from my experience that infertility is a personal struggle that is oftentimes kept in secret out of shame. As much as I wanted to keep my pain and internal struggle to myself, I knew that there is a population of women who need encouragement. God wouldn't let me remain quiet any longer. His assignment for me is to bring hope and knowledge to women suffering in silence with infertility behind closed doors. If you are one of those women, please know that your pain has a purpose, and God can heal your hearts.

Sekret Luvers by Nina Hernandez (adult fiction novel)

Sekret Luvers: Hernandez, Nina, JHORDYNN: 9781736577332: Books

Relationships are meant to be tested. But what happens when they are tested beyond repair? What do you do when reconciliation and mending are out of reach? How many times are you supposed to forgive the unforgivable? How do you talk yourself out of doing the unthinkable?

Love, deceit, hate, and betrayal are what control the lives of these seven friends. Which one will win? 




Risk it All: Wounds to Wisdom by Alysha Pruitt Harvey (self-help/ memoir) Risk it All: Wounds to Wisdom eBook : Harvey, Alysha Pruitt, JHORDYNN: Kindle Store

Are you ready for an adventure? Take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams by joining Alysha L. Pruitt Harvey on her journey of discovery and courage to risk it all for success! Experience what she has learned along the way through her Trials and Tribulations. Don't be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and learning from missteps. This is a chance to become the best version of yourself through patience, mindfulness, resilience, and determination. So accept the challenge and don't give up. With Alysha as your guide, you too can 'Risk It All: Wounds to Wisdom'!





Kandy Kane by Arada L. Armstrong (an erotica)

Kandy Kane - Kindle edition by Armstrong, Arada, JHORDYNN. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Kandace is a forty-six-year-old woman with dreams, ambition, and aspirations that she pushed aside to become a housewife and mother. She had no regrets and would do it all over again until one conversation with her sister changed everything. Kandace finds herself in a place that she's never thought of going, but she wouldn't undo it if she could. She meets a married couple who are in a different type of marriage, and Kandace can't get enough of their aura. Will Kandace go back to the life that she was content with, or will she choose the path she never dared to tread?





Blackberries on the Fence by Ashleigh B. (adult fiction)

The early 90s in Southern Louisiana is no place for a dark-skinned, nappy-headed, chubby girl, but Jasmine is determined to defy the odds. Despite being forced to survive living house to house, suffering multiple sexual assaults, and not recognizing love because she's never experienced it, she is determined to find peace. She refuses to allow her environment to mold her or break her. Although picking blackberries with her grandfather, Paw Paw Wallace, is something she loathes, ironically, it will become the one thing that saves her life; she just has to face scrutiny, rumors, tragedy, and loss first. Will she fold in the face of uncertainty, or will she look it in its face and make it behave?