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I Liked you Better, Though


I Liked you Better, Though

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Everything is perfectly aligned in Desiree’s life. Bitterness, hatred, and anger have all been evicted; she finally accepts that she will never be enough for her mom. Desiree has a successful medical career, on the brink of becoming an author, and is newly engaged to Kentarion. Nothing is wrong… except that her ex Craig is now newly divorced. Desiree's and Craig's desires for each other are palpable. Craig lies awake wondering if she still wants him. Desiree's temperature rises at the thought of confirming his feelings for her. They’ve agreed to be just friends, but time and yearnings reveal that that is an impossible task. After Desiree restores the love between Craig and his mom, Craig has no choice but to do the unthinkable... Will Desiree leave the past in the past? Does “EX” boyfriend mean an EXample of what she doesn’t need? Or does it mean the EXception to the rule?

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