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There is nothing stronger than a mother's love... It runs deep and is truly unconditional. It never fades...even after DEATH.

Aniyah only wants the best for her teenage son whom she loves and adores. Maybe her tactics are extreme. There may be times when her son drowns from her affection. She possibly crosses the line time after time. Where’s the crime in that?

After ten years of loudly suffering, Aniyah’s family can’t excuse her obsession anymore. The only thing that will cure Aniyah is an intervention. During her intervention, Aniyah discovers that there are more pieces to the puzzle than she wants to admit. She isn't prepared for the journey to mental wellness. She realizes that she can’t just offer half of herself. Her deepest, darkest, oldest, foulest secrets must be laid out on the table.

In an interVENTion, it's ALL... OR NOTHING...

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