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The Devil Wears Diamonds


The Devil Wears Diamonds

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Nicci will be anything in life that she needs to be... as long as the price is right. The only thing she refuses to be is a damsel in distress. Young curiosity revealed to her than men are more valuable as dead husbands. The master plan and blueprint for her life that she has laid out on her crystal table doesn’t include fear. She’s not even afraid of the deadliest weapon: karma. Nicci never waits for a window of opportunity; she knocks a wall down and creates her own. She lives by one rule and one rule only: if you can’t join ‘em, BEAT ‘EM...Until she accidentally on purpose tastes a gulp of kryptonite—love. Detrek makes her forget all about her blueprint on her crystal table. For the first time in life, Nicci only desires to be happy… for free. Will Detrek make her change her ways forever? Can Nicci turn away from her evil ways? Is this love for real, or is it just another scheme in her blueprint?

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