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I love black people, but I can’t stand niggas.

The “I can buy weed, but can’t afford my blood pressure medication” niggas.

The “I’d rather rent the rest of my life and drive an Escalade than own a house and drive a Ford Fusion” niggas.

The making it rain on Facebook while your daughter needs diapers niggas.


I love Jesus, but I can’t stand Christians.

The “I’mma cherry pick the Bible and make it say what I want it to say” Christians.

The “Your sin is greater than mine” Christians.

The judgmental, but “Only God can judge me” Christians.

The Christians who condemn everybody to hell, are holier than thou,

And wonder why they can’t get nobody to come with them to church Christians.


I love my family, but I can’t stand them mofos kin to me.

The, “Oh, you wrote a book? Give me one for free” kin to me.

The “Let me hold something. You know I’m good for it” kin to me.

The kin to me who knew my number when it was time to borrow money, but can’t call that same number to pay it back.

The on a vacation every other week, in the club, buying the mall out, pimping their ride like they don’t owe me money kin to me.

The “I’mma treat you how I want to, but if you stand up for yourself, you’ve changed” kin to me.


I love my male counterparts, no matter the color, but I can’t stomach you real niggas.

The “I got so much God-given potential, but it’s cooler to flip bricks” real niggas.

The “My hands can’t protect my woman because they’re too busy pulling up my sagging pants” real niggas.

The “I could be the head of my household, leading my family to Christ, but I’mma lay here and play Madden” real niggas.


I love my sistahs no matter the pigment. But you can miss me with the bad bitches.

The “since my baby daddy don’t want me, I’mma keep his child away from him” bad bitches.

The can’t take a picture without ducklips bad bitches.

The “I don’t need a man to validate me” while flipping burgers at Burger King to take care of your five kids and living with your mama bad bitches.

The selfie taking in a dirty bathroom mirror, twerking at the club, pussy popping on a hand stand while your kids call your mama Mom and call you Keisha bad bitches.


I love nonbelievers. But radical atheists, I just can’t stand.

The sit around and discuss God more than Christians do radical atheists.

The every post on Facebook is about how you hate a God who doesn’t exist radical atheists.

The so concerned about what a contradicting Bible says and point out how I’m not living right according to Leviticus radical atheists. Even though the Old Testament is law, and we are now under grace because Jesus did away with the law.

The so consumed with “Where was God when I was diagnosed with cancer” radical atheists, even though something is going to take us out. How else are we going to see His face?

I’m just saying, I thought the whole point of being an atheist is being free of all these concerns and not spending your entire life being angry at a figment of people’s imagination.


I love me, but I can’t stand myself.

The “I’m not going to enjoy this vacation because what if I gain a pound?” myself.

The “I trust God, but I don’t trust the gift that He gave me” myself.

The “I don’t owe nobody an explanation, but what had happened was” myself.

The “my light shines so bright, but I’mma dim it to not offend anyone” myself.

When will I digest that the gift God gave me is making room for me?

And when will I stop apologizing for it?

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