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Lord, I’m here at a place where I never thought I’d be.

In a situation I never thought I’d live long enough to see.

I’ve run away from your guidance time after time after time.

But I’m here—

At the finish line.

I’m exhausted from avoiding you,

Only to end up in the fire,

Trying to satisfy my own sinful desires,

Rolling with unrighteous justifiers,

Doing what I’m big enough to do to take me higher.

I no longer want to be a slave to sin.

Only you can deliver me from the chaos that I put myself in.

I bind everything that’s not from you and that you didn’t send.

If you didn’t orchestrate it,

The World can have it back, then.

I know that I’ve fought this battle time and time again.

But if I turn it over to you,

I know that I win.

I just want to be free.

Free from doubts and insecurities.

Free from a prison mentality.

Free from the devil attacking my family.

Free from…


Please finish the work that you’ve started in me.

Please keep me where your spirit is—in liberty.

I’m here,

Revealing it all to you.

Naked before you.

Confessing all of my filthiness to you.

I’m still alive, so I know that you ain’t through.

I have tasted, and I know that you are good.

I know that I haven’t partaken of you like I should.

I have examined myself,

And you have revealed my flesh.

I’m weak from starving my spirit;

I have nothing left.

Running this marathon that the world designed

Forced me to leave you behind.

So, I’m here.

I surrender my all to you.

At the finish line.



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