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“Don’t talk so strong.”“Don’t walk so bold.”“Why does your hair look like that?”“You ever thought about changing your nose?”All of these comments on replay as I stare at my frameHad me hating my melaninAnd mad at my mama for giving me my name.But if they can learn to say Tchaikovsky,They can definitely learn to say Cha’Rita.If they haven’t accepted my heritage, Then they definitely don’t deserve my figure.Wide hips,Thick lips.Curly hair that gets stares.No, you can’t touch it!Yes, it’s different than yours.Yes, I put grease in it.Yes, I buy grease in the stores.I. AM. BLACK.Wonderfully black. Beautifully black.Fearlessly black.Courageously black.Boldly...

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The Write Wife

So, I've been married almost three years now. And this is seriously the hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever been through. I've heard all the extremely great marriage stories and the extremely horrible marriage stories, but I've never heard my story. Truth be told, I'm having a hard time with the adjustment, and I don't see it getting easier any time soon. My husband is truly great. He's not the man that I prayed for because I didn't think that his kind existed. He doesn't pressure me to do anything. Has never asked me to change. Encourages me. Prays for me. Believes...

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Words over Lattes

If your hair ain’t nappy, Don’t tell me what it’s like to be black.If your brother didn’t get killed over a bag of Skittles,Don’t tell me how I overreact. If the laws of the lands were written and designed in your favor,You can’t judge me on how my trust waivers.If your ancestors didn’t have to march, fight, starve, die over equality that we still haven’t seen,You ain't got jack shit to say to me.No.I don’t want to sit down and have words over lattes,Arguing over he say she say.You not gonna sit down and converse with me,Justifying Ferguson the same way...

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I wanted to sit down and write something so deep,Accompanied by a whole bunch of bullshit that doesn’t define me.But life has taken the filters off my mind,And I can’t do nothing but speak truth in these lines.I don’t know whether to start with my issues of being blackOr my problems with being an uncensored woman.With me being a child who knew too much,Or with my being twenty-eight, looking forward to Jesus’ coming.The strongest thought that rapes my mentalityIs not understanding how my husband continues to love me.I want to divorce him so he can be free from my personality,But...

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When Love was Born

When Love was born,There was no room to receive Him.There was space and a place for everything else,Except for the cure of the world being so dim.The world was thirsty,But did not want to drink of His goodness.They were hungry, but wanted bread,Instead of partaking in His sweetness.As time went on,The world decided to vote Love out of schools and institutions,But questioned Love when there were mass shootings.Love said “Spare not the rod, and discipline your children.”The world said, “No. We love our son. We can’t hit him.”And now our children are hitting us,And parents are afraid to sleep.When in...

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