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She Don't Like Me

     I travel a lot, and I make connections with a lot of people in this wonderful world of writing. I went to an author's convention, and of course, there were mainly females there. My nosy self was listening, and so many of the female authors had problems with the other female authors and weren't socializing or exchanging ideas because "she don't like me." "She told her friend that she don't like me." "I heard that she had a problem with my birthday party."

     SO?! When and where did it become the rule and law that someone has to like you? And if someone told their FRIEND that, what's the problem?! Who else were they supposed to tell? Maybe I'm just a different breed, but I can do business, chat with, laugh with, shoot the breeze with someone who doesn't like me, and I don't like them. It's not of upmost importance to me that everyone I meet wants to be my BFF. Because I surely don't like everyone I meet.

     I will never miss an opportunity to grow, learn, share because of a simple "he/she don't like me" or "I don't like him/her." If they are strong in an area where I am weak, I am more than open to them helping me. Help me expand my business. Help me learn how to invest my money better. Help me with new ways to promote my works. And I will gladly, effortlessly do the same. We can go back to disliking each other after we have our "meetings of the minds."  

     Families have been destroyed behind "he/ she don't like me." Marriages struggle because "your cousin don't like me." Businesses flop behind "I thought she was my friend." I got kin folk that I can't stand, but I still pray for them and go to family reunions. There are a few in laws of mine that I just don't click with, but I'm still happily married. My business partner and I argue every day, but we still make this money. As long as there's no disrespect or assaults going on, why does the world have to end because you have found somebody that doesn't fit the criteria of being your "friend?"  People put too much irrelevant value on the opinions and existence of others.

     These females were even going on their "enemy's" Facebook pages, pulling up posts, saying that these women were taking shots at them. First of all, if you have a problem that deeply with somebody, why are you still Facebook friends? To dig, probe, lurk, accuse, start drama. Because I'm pretty sure that you're not liking, sharing, or commenting. Second of all, why do you think that someone who doesn't like you--as you have accused-- thinks of you important enough to sit down and write a post about you? I can think of people that I don't like, and they are the farthest from my mind. Third of all, when you dig, you find. If it's not what you wanted to find, you will make it look like what you want it to look like. You can turn a simple "I hate summers" post to mean that someone is throwing shots at you because you love summer, and you feel that they were in a round about way saying that they hate you, and anyone who loves summer is stupid.

     Stop it.

     I'm business- minded. I'm a hustler. I grind more than I breathe. My focus is my relationship with God, myself, my husband, my circle, my brand. The amount of time that I spend talking about and worrying about who don't like me and who said what to who is the same amount of time that I just lost towards improving and bettering myself and my business.

     My view: when your liking me determines if food gets put on my table, then and only then will I lose sleep over how you feel about me.


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