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Gay Crawfish

I’m a Louisianian. Therefore, I get highly offended and defensive when I see posts on Facebook and hear people say “Christians have a problem with gays, but eat shelled fish.” Then their statements are “backed up” by scriptures in the OLD TESTAMENT, defending them in that it is as much of a sin to eat shrimp/ crawfish/ catfish as it is to be gay.

Le sigh.

I am a CHRISTian. Dietary restrictions are part of the JEWISH LAW; Jesus did away with the JEWISH LAWS. Therefore, the JEWISH LAWS in the Old Testament have nothing to do with me, seeing that I am a CHRISTian. They don’t pertain to me. They don’t govern my life. That is also why I don’t believe that single women who aren’t virgins are to be stoned to death, as the OLD TESTAMENT’S LAW states. I don’t believe that when I am menstruating I can’t go to Wal-mart, as the OLD TESTAMENT’S LAW implies. So on and so forth. Jesus’ coming brought on the NEW TESTAMENT GRACE, doing away with the OLD TESTAMENT’S LAWS.

In Acts 10 (NEW TESTAMENT), it is shown that God has called all creatures clean and okay to eat. Mark 7 (NEW TESTAMENT) shows that nothing that we eat defiles us. 1Timothy (NEW TESTAMENT) says that FALSE TEACHINGS against the truth declares food unclean and a sin to eat. Colossians chapter 2 (NEW TESTAMENT) says that CHRISTians are not to allow anyone to tell us that what we eat is wrong. These are a few examples that as CHRISTians, we can eat whatever we want.

There are some things that are mentioned in the Old Testament that Christians still practice because it is also repeated in the New Testament. For example: The Commandments (John 14:15) and tithing (Matthew 23:23).

The scriptures that CHRISTians believe in stating that homosexuality is a sin against GOD come from the NEW TESTAMENT. A sin is a sin. Fornication, lying, stealing, etc. All sins. None weigh heavier the other. Even if eating certain foods was a sin, that doesn’t make homosexuality or any other sin any less of a sin. That’s like me saying, “I am a murderer, but you are sleeping with a married woman.” Well, we BOTH are wrong. My wrong doings aren’t any less wrong because of what the next man is doing. If we are truly trying to be more like Christ and live holy and acceptable, we wouldn’t be throwing scriptures up in anybody’s face just to make our wrongs seem lighter.

We’re all born sinners. That’s why it’s important to be BORN AGAIN. None of us have it together. That’s why we need Jesus.


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  • Kandice Andrews on

    I like this. I’m an atheist. But I still like it. Never knew there was a difference in the testaments.

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