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I need… the real Jesus.

Not the Jesus who loves me only if I put my pastor in a Benz

Or only if I forward this ridiculous text to ten of my friends.

But …the real Jesus.

Not the white man painted on a canvas hanging in Grandma’s hallway.

Or the gold plated man hanging on rapper’s chains

Because I’ve had enough chains,

And it’s time for a change.

I need … the real Jesus to change me

Because the metal is so heavy.

And I’m in church week after week,

Trying to figure out what is going to release me.

I need real preaching

And a pastor after God’s heart.

Dumping all my paychecks in a collection plate only takes me so far.

Get me to understand that my condition is as filthy rags,

And I could never pay to make it clean.

The wages of sin is death ,

Unless I confess that He suffered for me.

I can’t sow seed s to get in to heaven,

And I will never be good enough,

Or even half.

There’s only one way,

One light,

One truth to the path.

So, don’t give me any more of those

“If you’re good, you’ll make it in speeches.”

I need… The real Jesus.

The Jesus who gives me peace when I’m in pieces

And restores me when I’m without rest.

The Jesus who allows my mess to turn into a message

And gives me a testimony from my test.

The Jesus who can take these shattered pieces of insecurity

And make it into a heart again.

The Jesus who no matter how deep of a pit I’m in,

It’s shallow enough just for Him.


There’s a law for it,

But where’s the law against it?

Gravity comes in every design,

And I can’t resist it.

No matter how much it keeps me down,

I succumb to its’ tactics.

I need the real Jesus to elevate me above this gravity

And pull against this push that it has on me.

They say that we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

And that hate is defeated by love.

But if that’s true,

Why is that it’s Christians’ so called love that hurt us?

I need… the real Jesus.

The One who death couldn’t hold down

And the grave couldn’t hold captive.

The One who when questioned didn’t make a sound

And rose so that I could live.

The One who has given me the power to overcome this influencing gravity.

I need…

The real Jesus to save me.

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