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See, I loved her at the same time that I loved him. And most people would say that there was no competition. But her essence took me on a nonstop flight, And her presence made my imagination reach new heights. I was so intoxicated off of her That I lost all knowledge of what Kush was for.   Yea, he made me laugh, And he definitely made me cum. But when it came to my mind, She was in a league of one.   I tried to figure it out, But the answer never came. I questioned myself over and...

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GRAVITY I need… the real Jesus. Not the Jesus who loves me only if I put my pastor in a Benz Or only if I forward this ridiculous text to ten of my friends. But …the real Jesus. Not the white man painted on a canvas hanging in Grandma’s hallway. Or the gold plated man hanging on rapper’s chains Because I’ve had enough chains, And it’s time for a change. I need … the real Jesus to change me Because the metal is so heavy. And I’m in church week after week, Trying to figure out what is going to...

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Choose You

I have only two books published, and three more waiting to be published. Part two of I Liked you Better When I Didn't Like You (I Liked you Better, Though), part two of The Devil Wears Diamonds (The Devil Wears Nothing), and Returned Redemption. At the end of my books, I have rants combined with thank yous. This is an excerpt of my fifth book rant because I felt that someone really needed to read it. ...I will say that I’m different. I wrote my first published book I Liked you Better When I Didn’t Like You from 13-26 years...

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Gay Crawfish

I’m a Louisianian. Therefore, I get highly offended and defensive when I see posts on Facebook and hear people say “Christians have a problem with gays, but eat shelled fish.” Then their statements are “backed up” by scriptures in the OLD TESTAMENT, defending them in that it is as much of a sin to eat shrimp/ crawfish/ catfish as it is to be gay. Le sigh. I am a CHRISTian. Dietary restrictions are part of the JEWISH LAW; Jesus did away with the JEWISH LAWS. Therefore, the JEWISH LAWS in the Old Testament have nothing to do with me, seeing that...

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She Don't Like Me

     I travel a lot, and I make connections with a lot of people in this wonderful world of writing. I went to an author's convention, and of course, there were mainly females there. My nosy self was listening, and so many of the female authors had problems with the other female authors and weren't socializing or exchanging ideas because "she don't like me." "She told her friend that she don't like me." "I heard that she had a problem with my birthday party."      SO?! When and where did it become the rule and law that someone has to like...

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