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When Love was Born

When Love was born,
There was no room to receive Him.
There was space and a place for everything else,
Except for the cure of the world being so dim.
The world was thirsty,
But did not want to drink of His goodness.
They were hungry, but wanted bread,
Instead of partaking in His sweetness.
As time went on,
The world decided to vote Love out of schools and institutions,
But questioned Love when there were mass shootings.
Love said “Spare not the rod, and discipline your children.”
The world said, “No. We love our son. We can’t hit him.”
And now our children are hitting us,
And parents are afraid to sleep.
When in the beginning, when Love was born,
He gave us everything that we need.
Not to be negotiated or tampered with,
But to utilize its full condition as is.
When Love was born,
It was enough to cover me.
But I said, “I don’t know. I’mma go into the world and see.”
And I haven’t been able to return to Love in the same condition that I left in
Because my mind, body, and soul has been tarnished by sin.
The thing about waddling in Love is that it covers a multitude of sin,
But waddling in sin causes a multitude to cover you.
The multitude comes in the form of fear, regret, shame, and doubt.
Poison for your mind.
A fork in your route.
Love has been mistreated by us and made a mockery.
Then we blame Him for the reason that we don’t believe.
Love has been crucified, buried, raised, reigns,
And continues to roam and dwell among us and within.
Over two thousand years later,
And there’s still no room for him.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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